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Elevate Youth &
Young Adult Ministry

This ministry elevates the minds and hearts of our target age groups to not just be hearers of the Word of God, but rather empower them to live it out within their daily lives. As they grow to understand His Word and how God sees them, they will elevate their lives to the standard that leads to the Promise.


Women's Ministry

This ministry provides an avenue to observe, unwind; and edify women as they navigate through becoming the woman of God that he has destined them to be as a mother, wife, and women holistically. 


Men's Ministry

This ministry deals with real life challenges and issues that men face on a day-to-day bases by giving them practical principles of success and evaluation.



The aim of this ministry is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to all those that comes to share within our encounters by extending loving gestures of hospitality. 


Usher's Ministry

The Ushers serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord. Ushers’ help the church run more efficiently during worship services. They greet everyone with a warm welcome. The Usher’s Ministry is an extension of God’s hands to the people. The Ministry of Ushering is a personal representation of Jesus Christ who meets people on a person-to-person basis. The ushers serve as watchmen, servants, disciplinarians and host, just to name a few. The usher will regularly participate in worship services and will assist with literature distribution; welcoming, directing and seating guests and others as needed.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

This ministry approaches God on behalf of the Pastor, his family and the membership. In trusting the Lord fully and understanding that the solutions to any situation lie beyond our abilities, but not God’s. It is this recognition that releases the power of God to direct, protect and empower the Pastor with all that is needed to serve in and fulfill His will for the ministry of Freedom Temple Ministries.


Consolidating our intercession into one group and seeking the will of God for our lives and the ministry of Jesus Christ is put into action weekly. These Prayer Warriors will pray continually and consistently for a great variety of needs.

Marriage Enrichment

Coming Soon

Singles Ministry

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