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Meet Our Pastor

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Pastor Robert A. Capers

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Pastor Robert A. Capers’ history is one which includes diverse knowledge and skills. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor and Founder of The House of Freedom Worship Center in Union County, North Carolina. In addition, he serves as the Senior Pastor of Oro Church, formerly Oro United Methodist Church, in Pageland, South Carolina, as well as the chief executive of Robert A. Capers Ministries, Inc. 


Pastor Capers is a man after God’s heart who strives to operate in a spirit of excellence in every area of his personal and ministry life. On top of educating students in the Union County Public School System and pastoring, God has used him to make an impact in the lives of many young people and church leaders alike through the Passion for Leadership Symposium, Leadership Empowerment Conferences, and Maximizing Your Vision Pastors & Church Leaders Conference that he has hosted. As he spreads the gospel across this land, Pastor Capers’ heart desire is to see the people of God walking in freedom as they continue to grow and develop into who God has destined them to become.  


He completed his secondary education in Union County Public Schools in Monroe, NC and later matriculated to South Piedmont Community College, Rhema Bible Theological Seminary, and Grand Canyon University.   


A new aspiring writer, Pastor Capers has currently authored and published one book. This publication is entitled, Hope Within Challenging Times: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles and Challenges with Spirituals Concepts and Practical Principles.  

In 2012, Pastor Capers submitted himself to the Mt. Calvary Holy Churches of America under the apostolic leadership of Senior Bishop Alfred A. Owens and Co-Pastor Dr. Susie C. Owens, with an alignment with the SC Jurisdiction of the fellowship with Bishop Herbert C. & Lady Dawn Crump, who now serves as the Presiding Bishop and International First Lady. In April 2013, Pastor Capers was ordained an Elder under the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America.  


He presently resides in Monroe, NC. He is married to the lovely Lora Marsh Capers, and they have three daughters and three grandchildren who add favor and dimension to his life as a Pastor.  Pastor Capers also serves as a surrogate father to many, as well as eleven god children.   

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